Our Company

Stater Ltd

The tastes of Greece are as varied and beautiful as the country itself. The rarest and best of its products are still produced according to time-old methods. Stater's goal is, with absolute respect for the individuality, to make these products available to discrening customers throughout the world.

Stater is specialised in find quality olive products, from Chalkidike in Northern Greece. With a vertically integrated organisation, from the growing of the olives to the packaging of the olive oil, Stater is in a position to guarantee the quality of its extra virgin olive oils, some of which are single estate oils, from start to finish.

Over time, Stater has built up a good selections of products, with the intention of becoming a "one-stop-shop" for high quality, authentic traditional foods from Greece. The packaging, variety, competitive pricing and above all unmatchable taste of these products proving strong selling points for importers, distributors and retailers.

When purchasing a Stater product, the end consumer embarkds on a minature journey into the food culture of a faschinating land, now also recognised to be at the heart of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

One can find Stater's products in specialised gourmet stores, in some fine restaurants and hotels that have chosen to follow the principles of the Mediterranean cuisine but also in selected supermarkets and stores of international appeal.

Stater has been awarded in 2010 the Gastronomos prize (Greece) for its olive oils and in 2003 the Guild of Fine Food Retailers silver award (U.K.) for its almades table olives.

Our values

Authentic Greek Flavours
We produce products that represent authentic Mediterranean and Greek flavours by choosing ingredients of the highest quality that are rich in nutritional value and produced with respect to local cultivating traditions.

Combining tradition with technology
Our products are processed and packaged with the absolute principle of preserving the authenticity and freshness of the ingredients while satisfying the highest health and safety standards.

Health and environment
We aim to promote products that contribute to a healthy and well-balanced diet with respect to the environment. For this reason we have added organic products to our product line.

Sustainable agriculture
We strongly believe that when you produce with respect to local cultivating traditions you support local communities by strengthening their socio-economic core. For this reason most of our ingredients come from the area of Chalkidiki in Northern Greece, from selected local producers.

Satisfied Consumers
Our most important principle is satisfying the consumer. It is our obligation to provide you with healthy products of the finest quality and flavour. We are continuously looking for new products with these characteristics that can be added to our products line.