Almades from Chalkidike (Wrinkled Brown Olives)

Harvested one month later from the Green Olives, when the fruit has turned purple, these olives are salt-cured and are then packed dry. Their thin skin and fruity flavour make them a favourite with olive cognoscenti. No conservatives are used at any stage.
(Silver Award by the Guild of Fine Food Retailers, 2006).

Tin case 12kg, Vacuum 250g
Silver Award, από το Guild of Fine Food Retailers, UK 2003

Green Olives

Hand picked in September and early October, the fruit can reach impressive sizes (91-100 pieces per kilo). Their firm texture and tangy taste make them ideal as appetisers or in cooking.

Tin case 13kg

Early-Harvest (Agoureleo)

Stater Ltd is the first company to bottle early harvest olive oil (Agoureleo) in the area of Chalkidike, significantly contributing to its recent recognition as PDO. This estate bottled extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed exclusively from green olives hand-picked during the second fortnight of October. It is bottled and ready for sale by the end of November, one of the first new season oils available each year. The oil is only lightly filtered.

Glass Bottle 500ml


Vottike extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed from olives grown in the vicinity of Olynthos, Gerakini and Metangitsi. The large proportion of green olives hand-picked from unwatered trees results in an extremely aromatic and flavourful oil, appropriate for all kind of uses.

Glass Bottle 1l, Tin Case 5l


Protolado is an iconic product of Stater, as it is the first extra virgin olive oil produced in Greece each year, with the fruits being collected by the end of September. Protolado is known for its very rich organoleptic characteristics and strong antioxidant properties. What makes Protolado even more distinct is that it comes from trees grown in a unique microclimate; hilly terrain close to the sea-side. Its acidity is as low as 0.14%.

Glass Bottle 1l, Tin Case 3l

Almades spread

Almades olives are highly appreciated by connoisseurs of the Mediterranean cuisine. We now offer this delicious spread which is ideal for appetizers, pasta sauces and dressings.

Glass jar 225g

Green olive paste with almonds

The freshness of the Chalkidike Green Olive, perfectly complemented by the nutty flavour of almonds.

Glass jar 240g

Kalamata olive paste

The classic Greek olive in the form of an exquisite hors d’ oeurvre.

Glass jar 240g

Vine leaves (organic product)

The leaves are gathered from vineyards planted with the Sultanina variety. They are harvested at exactly the right moment, when they are still tender. The leaves are pasteurised and packed literally only feet away from the vineyards, so they are preserved in optimum condition, retaining their attractive colour and unique taste.
No artificial preservatives or additives are used. They are the ideal ingredient in traditional Mediterranean and fusion recipes.

Glass jar 200g and 400g

Kalamon olive relish (organic product)

A delightful blend of the popular Kalamata olives, with coriander, fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. This relish is the perfect meze.

Glass jar 195g

Capers from the Cycladic Islands

The wild capers are gathered by the islanders. This plant which produces a flower of extreme beauty grows naturally along the low stone walls and on the edge of hillside terraces. The intensity of the wild caper’s taste bears no resemblance to that of its commercially grown counterpart that one mostly finds on market shelves.In salads, dips or sauces, its tangy perfume carries with it the very essence of the Mediterranean. The perfect complement for Fava from Santorini.

Glass jar 130g

Spoon Sweets

These traditional deserts are prepared at the time of year each fruit is at its best, using selected ingredients of the highest quality: bergamot, sour cherry and quince. Traditionally spoon sweets are accompanied by a strong Greek coffee and a glass of iced water but they are also delicious with fresh yogurt or ice cream.

Glass jar 470g